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This Blue Light Exposure is KILLING Your Eyesight This Very Second

Chances are, you are currently reading this either on your Phone, tablet, or laptop. And you are currently experiencing Blue Light Exposure.

Have you ever had the feeling of closing your eyes, taking a break, or just stopping work anytime you stare at your phone or computer screen for a long while?

  • Do you experience post-work headaches?

  • Or have difficulty falling asleep after work at night?

Just like you, I experienced this almost every single day of my working life.

Blue light Exposure interrupts your sleeping patterns and causes severe headaches.

Technological trends are here to stay. And as a result, your eyes get exposed to blue lights every second. 
Therefore, it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to avoid getting exposed to it...

You can't go out and buy a pair of black sunglasses to protect your eyes.

You will stand out like a sore thumb sporting them at work or in class – and that is definitely not professional.


Say goodbye to after-work headaches with the VYST's Blue Light protection glasses.

The VYST Blue Light Block Reading Glasses comes with shatter proof lens and clear hard case.


You can block blue light with this while appearing to wear regular eyeglasses and keeping your Professional look.

With the VYST Reading Glasses, You Will:

     Blocks blue light from all devices - computers,       TV, and cell phones.

     Protect your eyes and prevents headaches,             even on the toughest days at work.

     Prevents Blurry Vision.

    You'll fall asleep faster and wake up feeling              rested.

    Be Comfortable to wear it all day, at work or at        home.


At a listed price of $29.99, You have earned Yourself a Limited Discount offer.


For Today Only, You can get yourself the VYST Blue Light Reading Glasses at a 75% DISCOUNT! 



Grab Yours While Stock Lasts! (Only 12 Glasses Left)

Delivery Period



Your VYST Blue Light Sunglasses Will be delivered within

  • 24 Hours if you are in the USA and


  • 72 Hours if you are outside the United States.

30-Day Warranty


  • We offer a 100%  30-day Refund Guarantee. (The glasses have to be in the original package with no sign of wear and tear for a 100% refund)


  • We will Replace Broken Frames at NO Charge During the Warranty Period!

Stop squinting and start wearing VYST blue light reading glasses today!


Click the Button Below to Grab Your Glasses While Offer Lasts!

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